• charliegrrl7

The Beginning

From behind closed doors, life presents a series of seemingly unapproachable paths. Paths that are uncertain, scary, and exciting. Some approach these doors with caution, but the brave, ever looking to a burning sunrise will race forward, opening door after door, accelerating into the unknown; warriors that leave us in envy. And in our minds, thoughts and dreams just out of reach, just over the hill slip through our fingers. Blind fingers fumble in obsessive repetition, checking each groove and notch for a steady heading, attempting to navigate an uncertain future before turning the handle and stepping through.

Then there are those, a dedicated few, those who do not turn the handle, but are born into the hallway and stay there offering comfort and advise. Alone, these few wait for the next cautious tale or blazing warrior to pass through, collecting their stories and teachings. Though these paths come in many combinations one is not better than the other, rather a testament to our individuality. A map of our choice. Each one different and beautiful in its own right.

My path, one tiny line on the grand map of life, although insignificant, adds one more scratch to the big picture.

My life in Seattle has been more than I could have expected from this rainy little town. I landed here in 2009 expecting to only stick around for a few months, as I was exploring my options all across the country for the richest soil to bury my roots. Day after day I walked this city striking conversations with the hesitant locals, submerged myself in the music and arts, broke bread with the well to do as well as the downtrodden, and one by one battled my way through the infamous Seattle freeze, and arose victoriously finally finding a place to rest. Seattle. My home. My heart aches for this beautiful land that hugs the sea. Your green islands that stretch across the Sound, like kisses laid on a deep iridescent scarf that calmly waves in the salty wind. This place of my berth, forever a part of me.

The years passed so quickly. Every moment was a burst of hyper color, strange, scary, and beautiful. We stomped our boots with the outlaws and broke the floor, we sang at the top of our lungs so the Gods couldn’t look away, we watched our friends pour their hearts out on stage and hung on every word like it was the last to ever be spoken, and the wind taught us how to be free.

These things I have experienced and learned have forever changed my life. And here, in this moment of fully understanding myself as well as what I am capable of, I have decided to jump into the wind yet again and explore what this country has to say. I have sold off all of my earthly belongings and only carry with me a few items of clothing, my tattoo machines, as well as a notebook a pencil a computer and a camera to document this long journey on which I have just began. I have left my roots in the green mountains of the Emerald City and seek to explore the great unknown with an open heart and inquisitive mind.

Here begins my journey. Without hesitation I reach forward, and open the door.


©2019 by Charlie Ann Davis.